NISSAN BUYERS BEAWARE! POOR DESIGNED VEHICLE! TERRIBLE AFTER SALES/CUSTOMER SERVICE! DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR VEHICLE FROM STERLING MCCALL!!! If you are about to purchase a Nissan car or thinking to buy one, please read my story carefully! I purchased my brand new Nissan...
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I didn't like
  • Poor after sale service
  • Unprofessional service center
  • Service center mess up my car
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Took my hummer in for paint warranty work because the first time they painted it, the clearcoat peeled. They missed painting complete areas, overspray on windows, molding, and interior. When I pointed it out, and demanded it be redone, they did a worse job. It came...
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Just to let you know, Sterling McCall Nissan is in Stafford TX, not Houston. Also, there is a state lemon law and I don't know how you get it enforced, but I suggest you find out and try that for a matter of recourse. Good for you setting up this web site for your...
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We purchased a Nissan car at Sterling McCall Houston,Texas 6 month's ago We have had the care in the shop 5 times for the same problem. The car is still under warranty and now they will not fix it. The customer service manage is a real smart *** and the service...
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William K

Just bought a Murano from Sterling Mccall 5 weeks ago. They told me it was certified, and there was a CERTIFIED USED NISSAN sign on the window! Low and behold today when I t...

leslie ann

file the car under the tx lemon law

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350Z Review

Sterling Mccall Nissan
Over priced, under delivered. Have not gone back
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